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With aged care under increasing pressure, BESTMED provides a solution.

We support over 800 aged care homes and 70,000+ residents across Australia with almost 700 aged care homes using Transitional eNRMC.

“It is a godsend. Somebody obviously knew something and lives are being saved by GPs being able to use BESTMED in the current climate” Aged Care Manager

The BESTMED system creates individual electronic resident medication profiles that capture detailed demographic data, medications, allergies and diagnoses. The profiles link aged care, prescribers and pharmacy for a single source of truth and ensure that the right resident gets the right medication in the right dose at the right time and in the right route.

With BESTMED, the primary care team has access to a real-time and easy-to-use view of the resident’s medication management plan and progress, with the ability to make updates at any time and from anywhere, access charting and enjoy instantaneous communication with the prescriber and pharmacy. The solution automates intensive workflows and processes and provides intelligent tools and reports to support clinical safety and governance. All of this reduces the risk of human error while increasing efficiency – allowing clinical care teams to focus on delivering quality resident care.



With over two decades experience partnering with aged care providers, we can provide the right system that will:
  • Maintain and generate an electronic medication chart – a transcription-free, single source of truth that connects and communicates between the key stakeholders in medication management: clinical staff, prescribers and pharmacies.

  • Enable electronic charting and dispensing of medications, including decision support to prescribers on medication interactions, lapsing prescriptions, follow-up consultations and the need to review residents’ medication charts.

  • Reduce the risk of error and inefficiency.

  • Assist in the administration of medication by clinical staff, including an easy-to-use and clear interface for administration notes from the prescriber or pharmacist and data capture on missed medications, missed signatures and the timeliness of medication rounds. While providing best practice safety, the BESTMED system retains flexibility to tailor medication rounds in line with residents’ preferences.

  • Support transparency and real-time oversight on medication management and productivity across all levels of your organisation: the clinical staff, the facility managers, the clinical governance and MAC committees, and your senior leadership team.
  • Provide rich data, insights and tools on potential areas of resident harm, including:
    • Polypharmacy and medication use
    • Psychotropic medication and pharmacological restrictive practice, supported by a psychotropic assessment tool and reporting on usage and effectiveness
    • Antimicrobial indications, durations and pathology
    • PRN usage and reporting on frequency and reason for administering
  • Produce data, analysis and reports for:
  • Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (ACQSC)
  • National Quality Indicator Program (NQIP)
  • Unannounced assessment visits and accreditation
  • Serious Incident Response Scheme (SIRS)
  • Reduce the administrative load on your clinical care team across medication rounds, transcription of notes or instructions, clarification of instructions and on audit trail – time that can be reallocated to focusing on your resident rather than the system.
All of which will simplify and streamline your medication management process and significantly improve your residents’ health, well-being and quality of life.


Provides aged care homes with greater visibility, standardisation, adherence to prescribing and administration of medicines in line with best practice, regulation and policies.

BESTMED improves consumer outcomes through enhanced monitoring, reporting, auditing, and medicines optimisation.

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