with our automated medication management

BESTMED provides pharmacy owners unparalleled control over the management of their aged care, hospital and community clients by providing a complete medication management solution.

Automation is the key to improving quality and increasing efficiency by reducing manual intervention and minimising human error. Our automated dispensing systems transform the way pharmacies work, allowing for faster, more streamlined and precise medication packaging. Our vast array of configurations, automation and designed workflows allow each of your aged care clients to receive the individualised service they require.

By reducing the time spent on repetitive, labour-intensive tasks in medication management and medication packaging, BESTMED frees up your staff to focus on consumer and client care.

Our solution is unique within the pharmacy sector and will transform the way staff work within your pharmacy. Specifically designed to simplify pharmacy operations, it will significantly improve efficiency, minimise stress on staff and reduce the risks of human error.


BESTMED enables pharmacies to:

  • Manage customer preferences automatically.
  • Significantly reduce data entry steps, reducing the chance of data error.
  • Receive, process and track orders digitally.
  • Audit and compile reports.
  • Automatically dispense and pack medications with an extremely high rate of accuracy.
  • Reduce risk of medication errors in DAA packs by automating the checking process.


BESTPACK simplifies and automates pharmacy operations, through the efficient and accurate fulfilment of e-prescriptions and medication supply. This frees staff from the stresses of repetitive, menial tasks where mistakes can have a critical outcome, allowing them to concentrate on more rewarding patient and customer service instead.

Packing machine

Packing up to 60 sachets every minute, our world leading medication pouch packaging machines are first in class for accuracy and efficiency. Find out how to free your staff from the stresses of manual packing of DAAs and position your pharmacy to provide DAA service to more customers. Learn more

Checking machine

Have peace of mind with the addition of electronic verification of packed medication. Our checking machines are easy to use and greatly reduce DAA packing errors by checking 13 different parameters such as shape, size and colour resulting in an error rate as low 1.33 sachets per million. Learn more


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