Funding for Digital Transformation of Medication Management In Aged Care

Great News For The Sector

Aged Care providers are eligible for the eNRMC (eNRMC Adoption Grant Opportunity) funding that will assist the costs associated with implementing a compliant eNRMC solution that will support the future of medication management in aged care.

A webinar hosted last week by The Department of Health outlined a funding program scheduled to commence in July 2022. The Department is encouraging early uptake and has indicated that there will be three rounds over two and a half years, with the funding allocation between $7,000 and $22,000 based on your location and status.

The electronic national residential medication chart (eNRMC), an initiative by the Australian Digital Health Agency and the Department, will deliver e-prescribing to aged care homes and improve medication management and safety practices.

BESTMED was among the key software providers that collaborated with the Agency and the Department on the eNRMC trial, which assisted in identifying the benefits to aged care homes in implementing the eNRMC. BESTMED was the largest participant in the trial, with 46% of aged care homes using the BESTMED platform.

Is your organisation planning to apply for the Adoption Grant Opportunity and make the digital transformation to your Medication Management system?

If this is the case, BESTMED understands just how essential a smooth transition is for your staff and for your consumers. We are here to support you in transitioning to eNRMC. To be an early adopter of eNRMC and book your FREE demo of the BESTMED medication management solution, please reach out by emailing


Implementing the Electronic National Residential Medication Chart (eNRMC) with BESTMED will benefit your organisation by providing you with; 

  • Good governance over your medication management that is aligned to the ACQS
  • A standardised, simplified and streamlined medication management process
  • Systematic and transparent record-keeping and associated data analytics
  • An electronic medication management system that meets the pharmaceutical benefits scheme, legislation and technical requirements
  • eNRMC products that enable real-time electronic medication ordering 
  • Administration and the supply of medication to consumers 
  • The ability to remove the burden of paper-based prescriptions and medication charts
  • Opportunity to reduce the number of unnecessary medicines prescribed and dispensed per resident
  • Reducing the risk of error and inefficiency
  • A system that supports you to reduce the risk of unintended harm to the consumer
  • Adherence to regulatory legislation and compliance obligations
  • A system that improves the health outcomes and quality of life for consumers

BESTMED is transforming medication management in Aged Care through automation, intelligence, and technology – leading to safer practices and improved consumer outcomes. Over 420 aged care homes already use BESTMED – contact us to find out how we can support your transformation journey.



If you would like a demonstration of the BESTMED electronic Medication Management system, please contact Amir Sinanovic on 0427 685340 or click below to email.