COMPLIMENTARY WEBINAR | using your medication management data to improve consumer outcomes

Join Sadie Burling and Marea O'Donnell the Chief Clinical Pharmacist at Mederev in a webinar that will discuss how your medication management data can inform your teams, identify trends and lead to improved consumer outcomes.
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Join BESTMED and MEDEREV on Thursday 28th APRIL for Complimentary Session on Using Data to Improve Consumer Outcomes. 

WHEN – Thursday 28TH APRIL 2.30 pm AEST

The Aged Care sector has a complex digital web of extremely sensitive data sources. These can include; care management platforms, finance solutions, maintenance, CRM’s, text messaging and consumer engagement, intranets with policies and procedures, HRIS platforms, the list goes on. 
On Thursday, 31st March, Sadie and Marea will be diving into your medication management data. And how you can use the data in your EMM to inform your care teams, your MAC meetings, your future education requirements and most importantly, how that all connects with improving consumer health outcomes. 
The session will take you, through;
  • data integrity
  • understanding the data and identifying trends
  • using the data in meetings and committees 
  • sharing the data with the multidisciplinary team
  • how your EMM data can assist you in responding and preventing high impact risk 
  • how data and accurate and trend reporting can inform and provide transparency for Boards and Executive Management 
  • how the data can support clinical care governance and compliance 
  • case studies

About the speakers

Sadie Burling – As National Head of Aged Care, Sadie brings a wealth of expertise to the management, operational and clinical aspects of BESTMED. She is instrumental in providing thought leadership around medication management and is the key interface with Aged Care providers, Doctors and pharmacies. Sadie’s strategic, operational and clinical skillset, combined with the deep knowledge of the Aged Care legislation, will assist the sector tackle the essential issues prevalent in medication management. Sadie has over 35 years of experience working in Senior Executive and Management roles in Aged Care, Acute Health Care and Childcare Services. 

Marea O’Donnell -Marea is the Chief Clinical Pharmacist at Mederev Pty Ltd. Mederev provide RMMR and QUM services to over 220 aged care homes across Australia. Mederev is a clinical expert delivering best practice medication management for aged care consumers, with collaboration and digital innovation.
Marea has a Master of Pharmacy from Sydney University and has been consulting in aged care as an accredited pharmacist since 2018. Marea also has a background in marketing and relationship management and hopes to foster collaboration between health care professionals to improve outcomes for aged care consumers. To connect with Marea, click here. 


If you would like a demonstration of the BESTMED electronic Medication Management system, please contact Amir Sinanovic on 0427 685340 or click below to email.