Join Sadie Burling from BESTMED and Natalie Soulsby from WARDMM for a complimentary education session on Residential Medication Management Reviews (RMMR's).
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Join BESTMED and WardMM for Complimentary Education Session – Residential Medication Management Reviews (RMMR’s) – Everything you need to know. 

WHEN – Wednesday 8th December at 2.30pm AEDT

A Residential Medication Management Review (RMMR) is a crucial service that is provided to eligible consumers living in residential care with the intended purpose of identifying, resolving, and preventing medication-related issues. An RMMR involves collaboration between the aged care home,  GP and a pharmacist to review the medication management needs of a consumer.
Join Sadie Burling, National Head of Aged Care and Natalie Soulsby, Head of Clinical Development for a complimentary educational webinar that will take you through;
  • understanding what an RMMR is and their value in consumer care
  • understanding the RMMR process
  • how to identify those at risk residents who may benefit from an RMMR
  • the role of the aged care staff in supporting the RMMR process
  • scenarios
  • how RMMR’s can assist you in responding to high impact and high prevalence risk
  • how RMMR’s can provide transparency that informs Board and Executive Management 
  • how RMMR’s can support clinical care governance and compliance 
  • the benefits of using an (electronic medication management system) EMMS in assisting with the RMMR process

About the speakers

Sadie Burling – As National Head of Aged Care, Sadie brings a wealth of expertise to the management, operational and clinical aspects of BESTMED. She is instrumental in providing thought leadership around medication management and is the key interface with Aged Care providers, Doctors and Pharmacy. Sadie’s strategic, operational and clinical skillset, combined with the deep knowledge of the Aged Care legislation, will assist the sector tackle the most important issues prevalent in medication management. Sadie has over 35 years of experience working in Senior Executive and Management roles in Aged Care, Acute Health Care and Childcare Services. 

Natalie Soulsby – Natalie has a background working in the acute sector prior to becoming an accredited pharmacist in 2010. As Head of Clinical Development for Ward Medication Management (WardMM), she leads a team of over 30 pharmacists. Natalie is dedicated to improving medication management especially in the elderly by helping rationalise prescribing of medications in this group and educating health care professionals. Natalie sits on several Clinical Governance Committees and Corporate Medication Advisory Committees. She is also involved in updating policies for LASA and is involved with Sonic Clinical Services in helping produce GP education modules. Natalie has received the SA Pharmacist of the Year Award 2016 and the AACP Consultant Pharmacist of the Year Award 2017 and in 2019 year was awarded the Advanced Pharmacist Practice credential. To email Natalie click here.


If you would like a demonstration on the BESTMED electronic Medication Management system, please contact Amir on 0427 685 340 or email